More details on WellDoc's AT&T employee pilot

By Brian Dolan

WellDoc ATTWhen WellDoc and AT&T announced their partnership last fall, the companies announced that a select group of the mobile operator's employees would pilot WellDoc's FDA-cleared, mobile-enabled diabetes management. At the time, however, there were precious few other details. Today, AT&T announced that the group of employees with Type 2 diabetes will be piloting DiabetesManager for "up to six months." The service will help those employees "capture and analyze diabetes information" including blood glucose levels and carb intake. The program will provide feedback and real-time messages on what users can do to change their levels if they are out of range. The patient data is also sent to nurses, case workers and doctors who can review the data through an enterprise portal and intervene if necessary.

WellDoc's program integrates with AT&T's "highly secure hosting environment, support and customer care specifically designed to enable AT&T and its customers to comply with all applicable HIPAA requirements," according to the release.

As was also previously announced, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), a health insurer that operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans in Illinois, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, is also piloting DiabetesManager through AT&T.

The mobile operator noted that while these pilots are underway, it plans to negotiate agreements with commercial customers of the service, too. Last year AT&T said it generated about $4.9 billion in revenue from healthcare industry businesses.

While it doesn't appear to be connected to the AT&T partnership, WellDoc recently announced a research pilot with Ford to integrate its diabetes management program in select Ford cars.