Cleveland Clinic offers patients iPad app, Today

By Aditi Pai

Cleveland Clinic Today appProvider apps with a focus on patient engagement are set to be a big trend this year.

This month The Cleveland Clinic introduced its tenth app, called Cleveland Clinic Today. The app, which is only available for iPad users currently, provides patients with health and wellness tips, quizzes, and an interactive model of the human body. While anyone can download the app, Cleveland Clinic patients can access its full feature set, including resources to navigate the provider's network to find a doctor, access contact information, or request an appointment. The app builds on Cleveland Clinic's patient-facing MyChart software which its EHR vendor Epic developed.

Cleveland Clinic's MyChart app also appears to still be available.

While the app's quizzes focus on teaching patients about basic health-related facts, the interactive model of the human body allows the users to explore different human systems on their own with an option to click on related articles along the way. The health tips include videos, recipes and share buttons to send stories over Facebook, Twitter, or email.

While Today is exclusively available for iPad users for now, Cleveland Clinic announced recently that it is working with Microsoft to explore a Windows 8 launch of its mobile apps.

Most of Cleveland Clinic’s apps offer particular services. Cleveland Clinic Cancer Trials, for example, helps cancer patients find clinical trials and stay up to date on existing ones. The Heart Story app serves as an interactive newspaper series that details 26 hours inside the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center. The Cleveland Clinic Innovations app offers information about the technologies under development by the provider and also keeps users up-to-date on the progress of spin-off companies that started out as a part of Cleveland Clinic.

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