Slideshow: 10 apps from public health departments

By Aditi Pai
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Last week, New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene added a new app to its list -- CalCutter. This diet app, the fourth on the city's list of official apps, allows cooks to enter in a recipe and the app will generate a healthier option by switching out some ingredients for others. The app was made to help battle obesity rates in the city, which are 60 percent for adults and 40 percent for children.

While some cities don't have any health apps available for residents yet, we've compiled a list of apps that do come from their respective city health departments.

Here are ten apps that were created by a city or state's department of health listed in the Apple App store or Google Play store. Many of the apps are food inspection apps, which allow you to access the public health grades for restaurants in the city but other kinds of apps are also listed such as sexual health information apps for teens and recipe generators to help residents cook a healthier meal.

CalCutter (iOS and Android)


The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has developed an app that allows cooks to enter a recipe and intended number of servings. The app will then calculate the estimated calories per serving. You can ask CalCutter to convert your recipe into a healthier dish by suggesting changes that could lower the calories. Recipes can be saved and emailed.

ABCEats (iOS and Android)


This app finds restaurant grades and detailed inspection reports for each of the New York City's 24,000 restaurants using the NYC Health Department’s free mobile restaurant inspection app. Users can check inspection letter grades at restaurants near their current location or search by restaurant name or neighborhood. Information is updated daily, according to the app description.