PinpointCare raises $11M to help docs create care plans for patients

By Aditi Pai

PinpointCareChicago-based PinpointCare has raised $11 million from private and existing investors for its web-based program, hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, that helps doctors create, customize, and track care plans for patients.

Although the offering was initially designed for patients who have had an orthopedic procedure, the company explained in a statement that the offering can now also be used to create care plans for patients in other departments including oncology, cardiology, and other episodic conditions as well as chronic conditions.

Before a patient's procedure, physicians can use the platform to send patients a pre-operative assessment that predicts how much care the patient will need. PinpointCare also connects all providers in the patient's care network, including the hospital, physician office, and the patient's post-acute care venues so that these groups can stay connected during the patient's transitions of care.

Clinicians are able to view data on a program-level or patient-level so that they can focus their resources on patients that need more attention.

Providers can also use the tool to communicate with patients. In April, PinpointCare updated their offering and added a new feature, multi-modal notifications, so that patients can communicate with providers through their preferred channels, like email or SMS.

"Our software enables organizations to have a far higher care manager to patient ratio,” PinpointCare CEO Joel Splan said in a statement. “By eliminating the call-center middleman, our customers keep their intellectual and financial capital, while maintaining clinical touch with the patient, and ultimately the control over their outcome data.”

The company currently has 66 customers. One such customer is the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute.

PinpointCare explains that the company's technology is different from other companies' care plan offerings because its web-based format allows it to be less expensive, and simpler to use. According to Crain's Chicago Business, the service costs $200 per case.