RIM's BlackPad and more mobile health news

By Brian Dolan

Voalte BlackBerryTopol joins CHI board: California Healthcare Institute announced today that Dr. Eric Topol, director, Scripps Translational Science Institute; chief academic officer, Scripps Health; and vice chairman, West Wireless Health Institute has been elected to its board of directors. More

BlackBerry + Digital Pen Combo: Clinicians at UK's Portsmouth Hospitals Trust are piloting a digital pen - Blackberry smartphone system that records and transmits data entered on special paper. More

The Stethoscope goes digital: More

FCC wants to work with FDA but only if it doesn't jeopardize peoples’ lives: "An example would be a wirelessly controlled insulin pump for diabetics. It could release exactly the right amount of insulin to keep someone healthy, based on readings sent to it by a smart Band-Aid. But if there’s radio interference or some other glitch with either the patch or the pump, there could be serious health consequences." More

RIM's iPad killer? BlackPad: BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion plans to call its tablet Blackpad, according to one report. RIM acquired rights to blackpad.com this month. More