Amazon Kindle for MDs and more mHealth news

By Brian Dolan

Zoll Medical PocketCPRKindle for MDs: Sussing out whether the Amazon Kindle eBook reader is a good tool for physicians. Less distractions than an iPad? Meaningful Uses

Text4Baby Update: Text4Baby, a one-way, free text message service for new and expecting moms timed to their due date or baby’s date of birth is still picking up new subscribers across the US: 72,000 Text4Baby users to date and 3.5 million messages sent. Here's how the program "avoided cost, privacy, content and HIPPA issues."

AD powers Zoll's CPR device: Analog Devices announced that Zoll Medical's palm-sized, mobile CPR training device is powered by one of its accelerometers. MedGadget

Wireless tracking via baby's onesy: McLean, Virginia-based Exmovere announced a new baby monitor that uses "smart" clothing in the form of a baby's onesy to monitor the infants heart rate, "emotional state", and level of activity. The information is then transmitted wireless to a computer or cell phone. MedGadget

Nurse scheduling: Interview with Matthew Browning and his now 10-year-old startup Your Nurse Is On: Our offering "is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that helps allocate the right healthcare staff, where they are needed, when they are needed there, by instant, 2-way text, phone and/or email communications. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows for quick and easy adoption, keeps customer costs low and removes their maintenance responsibilities." Anytime, always on nurse scheduling, read more at Manage My Practice

County in California is tracking preschoolers with chip-equipped jerseys. California Watch