AirStrip, Sprint offer apps and coverage bundle

By Brian Dolan

AirStripAirStrip Technologies has partnered with Sprint to offer hospitals a bundled solution comprising of Sprint's "clinical grade" in-building coverage enhancement along with AirStrip's remote monitoring applications. AirStrip's AirStripOB and other applications will also be available for use on two new Sprint Android handsets running on the operator's 3G and 4G networks.

“We... understand the financial challenges many hospitals face. This partnership enables hospitals to accelerate their adoption of AirStrip in a cost-effective manner, while also ensuring the robust in-building coverage to meet the growing data mobility demands of hospital staff and medical practitioners,” Dr. Cameron Powell, President and Chief Medical Officer, AirStrip, stated in the press release.

It's been a busy month for mobile operators' health groups. The AirStrip-Sprint deal follows news that AT&T had partnered with WellDoc for its mobile phone-based DiabetesManager service. This week Verizon Wireless also hosted its developer event to create home health applications for its partner, BL Healthcare's home health platform.

AirStrip Technologies remote patient monitoring applications offer real-time vital waveform and other critical patient data directly from hospital monitoring systems to healthcare providers' mobile devices. Sprint Android smartphones HTC EVO 4G and (soon) Samsung Epic 4G can run AirStrip's apps.

AirStrip said that hospital administrators will not have to require physicians to switch to certain handsets or Sprint's network if they sign up for the Sprint-AirStrip bundle. The FDA and HIPAA compliant AirStrip applications do not require devices to store data natively, all data remains in the cloud so lost devices do not compromise patient health information, according to the company.

AirStrip's Dr. Cameron Powell noted in his statement that the increased bandwidth provided by Sprint’s 4G network will allow AirStrip to add features to its remote patient monitoring solutions, but did not provide specifics.

More from the press release or check out these video clips from AirStrip below: