3M stethoscope for remote diagnosis; More

By Brian Dolan

3M Bluetooth stethoscopeThe stethoscope becomes remote diagnosis device: 3M unveiled the Littmann Scope-to-Scope Tele-Auscultation System, which enables physicians to remotely listen to patients: "Using Bluetooth connectivity, the system transfers in real time audio gathered on one Littmann Model 3200 stethoscope to another anywhere in the world." MedGadget

iPhone-powered research project shows day dreaming makes people less happy: "New research by Harvard researchers, which used the iPhone to periodically interrupt 2,250 people's lives and systematically measure their reveries and their moods, found that about half the time, people's minds are wandering. Most strikingly, they found that overall, people are less happy when their minds are wandering than when they are focused on the task at hand," according to a report in the Boston Globe. The study was published in Science. (I participated in the study for a short period and agree with some of the comments in the article -- the intrusion of the survey seemed to affect my mood. It became annoying very quickly.)

In case you haven't heard, patients want control: Patient Privacy Rights commissioned Zogby International to conduct a survey of more than US 2,000 adults and found that 97 percent of Americans believe that doctors, hospitals, labs and health technology systems should not be allowed to share or sell their sensitive health information without consent. Healthcare IT News

Do your employees really need a smartphone health app? This HR strategist says not really, but HR departments should begin testing now to make a better decision later when efficacy of mHealth apps is clearer. TLNT

Clinton lauds Sproxil: President Bill Clinton recently described Sproxil founder Ashifi Gogo's work as “a genuinely remarkable achievement.” Sproxil aims to stamp out counterfeit drugs in developing markets by using SMS verification codes. Epoch Times