ABI: Activity tracking device shipments to reach 87M in 2021

By Aditi Pai

Activity tracking device shipments will reach 87 million in 2021, according to a post from ABI Research.

“Activity trackers are the current vanguard device for bringing consumers into connected medical services,” ABI Research Principal Analyst Jonathan Collins said in a statement. “As they continue to proliferate, they will spur greater investment in mHealth device development and adoption, as well as the services that can help bring the data these devices collect into health care provision.”

ABI also reported that the total activity tracker shipments in 2015 grew by 80 percent from 2014, but the firm did not release specific figures for those years. However, if the research firm’s expected shipments from 2014 were correct — in June 2014 ABI said that it expected activity tracker shipments in 2014 to reach 10 million that year — then activity tracker shipments in 2015 reached around 18 million.

While wristworn activity tracking devices currently dominate the digital health space, ABI said this week it expects other activity tracking form factors to gain popularity over the next five years including smart clothing.

In unrelated news, a separate survey that came out this week found that 76 percent of people think doctors should be using EHRs. The survey was conducted by Regina Corso Consulting, founded by Regina Corso who launched her own survey firm last summer after working as SVP of public relations and youth research at Harris Poll for about a decade.

This survey also found that 47 percent of consumers said they would switch to a doctor that EHRs and 87 percent.