Twine Health's chronic disease coaching will complement Fitbit's wellness offerings

Last week, Fitbit announced that it was acquiring Twine Health for an undisclosed sum. The news came as a surprise to many who still think of Fitbit as primarily a consumer-facing wearable device company. But an increasingly large slice of Fitbit is Fitbit Health Solutions, the company’s employee wellness business.

Study: COPD robot improves medication adherence, but no effect on admissions

A socially assistive robot could be key to helping people with COPD manage their condition at home. A recent study published in JMIR, found that COPD patients that had a take-home a robot following a hospitalization were more likely to adhere to their medications and complete their rehabilitation excercises than their peers that did not have a robot. 

Entrepreneur to head ATA, and other digital health hires and departures

Ann Mond Johnson will be taking over as CEO of the the American Telemedicine Association in early March, according to a statement released last week. She previously served as the CEO of Zest Health, served as board chair and advisor to ConnectedHealth, and has a history of entrepreneurship.

Tips for hospitals to succeed in the age of consumerism

The rise of consumerism in healthcare might seem like new ground to people in the industry, but when other industries are considered, that ground starts to look well-trodden. Customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty have been the North Star in other industries for years -- now it’s on hospitals to translate those values and skills into patient satisfaction and patient loyalty.

Roche acquires oncology EHR company Flatiron Health for $1.9B

Pharma giant Roche is set to acquire oncology EHR software firm Flatiron Health in the first half of 2018, the companies announced today in a statement. Roche will pay an additional $1.9 billion over the millions it had already invested into the company in 2016, and as a result of the deal will control all shares of Flatiron Health.

FareWell changes name to Better Therapeutics, sees 0.8 percent A1c reduction in small study

San Francisco-based FareWell is changing its name to Better Therapeutics, a rebranding that reflects the company’s shift in focus from weight loss and disease prevention to digital therapeutics to treat chronic diseases.