Novartis VP: Digital therapeutics, like pills, are just another kind of treatment

A drug no longer needs to be a tangible object, according to panelist at the BIO 2018 convention in Boston. The way the pharma industry looks at medication is evolving and may be including new tech-focused treatments, such as digital therapeutics.

NHS trust taps for home urine testing and more digital health deals

The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has tapped for a new program that will allow kidney patients to take home urine tests, using their smartphone cameras and digital testing kits. The test results will then be automatically electronically delivered to physicians.

Digital health news briefs for 6/7/2018

Deep breaths. Henry Schein Medical announced today the launch of its EasyOne Air Spirometer, a device designed to measure lung function and improve diagnosis of COPD. Connected via Bluetooth, the spirometer includes a touch screen interface, EHR connectivity, and proprietary technology to improve device calibration and accuracy.

iBeat announces funding, partnership deals with insurers

San Francisco-based wearable tech company iBeat has announced new funding for its wearable continuous monitor, called Heart Watch. The investment comes from the life insurer funds SCOR Life & Health Ventures and Transamerica Ventures, and include strategic partnerships that will bring the Heart Watch to each insurer’s agents and policy holders.

Pharma enthusiastic for digital medicine, but some roadblocks remain

Stakeholders across healthcare are beginning to weigh the benefits and challenges digital therapeutics could bring to their businesses, and pharma is no exception.

During an afternoon roundtable session held Wednesday at BIO 2018 in Boston, a panel of digital medicine and pharmaceutical representatives discussed the impact that these novel medicines has had, and could have, on drugmakers, regulators, and those prescribing the medications.

Inside Apple's integration with Medisafe, the first test of the Apple Health Records API

Yesterday’s announcement that Apple would open the API for Health Records in iOS 12 will likely spawn a whole host of integrations with digital health companies in the coming months. But one company has the distinction of being named in the announcement, and of having its Health Records integration already complete: Medisafe.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley talks healthcare's cultural stagnation, impact of Apple, Amazon

When it comes to the challenges of raising an up-and-coming young company into a major player in its industry, former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley is no spring chicken. A serial entrepreneur and investor across numerous industries ranging from consumer technology to data management to telecommunications, Sculley has set his sights on the healthcare and currently serves as the chairman of hopeful PBM disruptor RxAdvance.

Headspace launches subsidiary to focus on prescription meditation apps, digital health

It's not uncommon for doctors to tell patients that they need to relax, but now one company is aiming to develop a digital meditation product that can be prescribed by physicians. Headspace, maker of a mindfulness and meditation app, announced that it is a digital health subsidiary called Headspace Health. The goal of the subsidiary is to create a new prescription meditation app by 2020.