DrFirst relaunches mobile physician prescription tool iPrescribe

Rockville, Maryland-based DrFirst, which is known for healthcare SaaS offerings ranging from medication management to clinical communications, has announced a relaunch of a mobile app designed to help physicians comply with state prescription drug monitoring program requirements when prescribing treatments.

Cardiology association IT head describes future of harvesting patient-generated data

As remote monitoring becomes more and more popular providers are starting discussions about how to harvest and use the incoming data. But a serious challenge lies in how to synthesize data coming in from different sources. People have preferences — you might even go so far as to say there are “Fitbit people” and “Apple Watch people.”

InTouch Health's health system partnerships and more digital health deals

Telehealth platform InTouch Health, North Carolina-based Mission Health, and Pennsylvania-based Jefferson Health have announced a partnership to collaborate on new telehealth solutions to improve care and reduce costs. While each system has previously worked with the platform in the past, this five-year arrangement will see a collaborative team from the three groups working to create and test virtual care models across 10 use cases.

Drug recovery app Hayver uses cryptocurrency as incentive

A new alcohol and drug recovery app that incentives users with its own cryptocurrency hit the market this week. Atlanta-based Hayver has just launched its new mobile app that uses behavioral modification and a support network to help people who are living with alcohol addiction. 

Stephen Friend departs Apple, and other digital health hires and departures

Stephen Friend, a key driver of Apple’s recent healthcare efforts, appears to have quietly left the company in November 2017, according to a LinkedIn profile in which he refers to himself as “an independent entrepreneur.” Friend had been at the company for less than two years, and according to