Outcome Health CEO steps down as part of settlement with investors

Health IT unicorn Outcome Health settled a three-month legal battle with investors, and as part of that deal, cofounders CEO Rishi Shah and President Shrada Agarwal will step down.

Shah and Agarwal will no longer be part of daily management and will instead act as chairman and vice chairman.

Aggregated data tool Docket helps teens answer personal health questions

Answering those very personal questions at the doctors office can seem a little too close for comfort for a lot patients, and doubly so for many teens. But a new app launching today, called Docket, aims to give patients an alternative way to answer those questions, while offering providers an easier way to collect patients’ health data. 

Digital health trends and predictions for 2018, part 2

Last week, we published part 1 of our digital health trends and predictions piece, covering big picture trends like vertical integration and healthcare consumerization, as well as some of the buzzy tech trends of voice, AI, and blockchain.

This week, with the help of a range of expert stakeholders, we’re zooming in on four specific areas in digital health to look at what we can expect in the year to come from remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, the FDA, and digital therapeutics.

AR prototype could let doctors see patients' insides on the outside

A new augment reality technology will let doctors go a step beyond a normal exam and take a look under their patients’ skin. Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a device called ProjectDR, which lets doctors display CT scans and MRI data directly onto a patient’s body.

Researchers describe receiver-free, glucose-sensing contact lens

A team of South Korean researchers are the latest to tout a smart, glucose-sensing contact lens. In a research article published today in Science Advances, the team described soft lenses carrying a tiny LED light that automatically turns off in the event of high glucose levels, as well as their efforts to test the lens in vivo.