The Real Top BlackBerry Medical Apps

BlackBerry's App World is now available online -- previously you needed a BlackBerry smartphone to review the applications available through the store -- and the number of health and medical related BlackBerry applications has also more than doubled since the App World launched earlier this year. There are now 85 in the Heath & Wellness category of BlackBerry applications. Within that category is a sub-category called Medical Guides, which, with few exceptions, looks to house those applications intended for use by healthcare workers.

Epocrates' survey: Nurses still favor Palm

Mobile software developer Epocrates released survey results that polled nurses who use their Epocrates smartphone application. This most recent survey follows a similar format to the one the company conducted recently with medical students -- revisit the results from that poll here. Here are the metrics that resulted from the most recent Epocrates survey:

Nurses Facing National Shortage Turn to Mobile Technology to Support Patient Care

Nurses Weigh in on Challenges and Technology Use in Epocrates Survey

September 8, 2009 -- Epocrates, Inc., a leading provider of decision support solutions, released survey results exploring challenges facing today's nurses and the increasing role of technology use in hospitals and clinics across the nation.

Shorts: iTriage portal; CTIA; Outbreaks app

iTriage App drives web-based offering: Healthagen just announced a new web-based portal based on its iPhone application iTriage. The site offers up-to-date healthcare information, new features, and all of the existing features of the company's smartphone app. Interesting to see start-ups with popular apps leveraging that audience to drive a web-based offering. More

Healthagen Introduces iTriage Web Version to Further Empower Healthcare Consumers

Web-Based Expansion Provides Medical Information, Point-of-Care, and Healthcare Cost Analysis

Building upon the success of its iTriage® smart phone application, Healthagen, a developer of healthcare information software, today introduced the new web-based iTriage version.

World Economic Forum touts wellness programs

The Aging Workforce: How to Fight the Risks, is the title of a recent article over at CFO Magazine. It highlights some of the findings of a World Economic Forum report that urges the enterprise to take a proactive approach to its employees' health. CFO Magazine is clearly focused on the bottom line, so it's an interesting lens to look through when debating the proper role for enterprise in the emerging wireless healthcare industry. Should these tools be a part of corporate wellness programs? We think so.

Costs, not privacy, key concern for wireless sensor users

A recent article in the International Journal of Medical Informatics that explored the perceptions, attitudes and concerns of elderly persons towards wireless sensor network (WSN) technologies for healthcare found that the participants' attitudes toward the idea of wireless sensor networks for health monitoring were generally positive.

Qualcomm lowers power needed for BANs

At the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society event in Minneapolis this week, Qualcomm presented a new algorithm that it says lowers the power of body area networks (BANs). According to a report from EETimes, the presentation attracted the attention of implantable device maker Medtronic's representatives who were in attendance at the event.