One in four w/ chronic conditions delaying care

Chronic Conditions

An article in Health Populi reported that 1 in 4 people with chronic conditions are delaying care, according to a survey conducted by the National Council on Aging. The survey found that the percentage of Baby Boomer women delaying care was much higher at 39 percent and Latinos were even higher at 43 percent.

Round-up: Tracking hospital hand washers

The University of Iowa announced that it has successfully piloted a low-cost, green technology for tracking hand hygiene at a hospital. The pilot used Zigbee technology, which is a low-power wireless technology, to track interaction between a small, page-like badge hospital staff carry and a hand hygiene dispenser located outside of patient rooms. Article

Classifying the mHealth patient

Health Populi analyzed a recent consumer survey by Deloitte that found out:

- 54 percent of people are learning more about health risks, prevention, and mental health
- 66 percent of smokers are trying to quit
- 40 percent of alcohol drinkers are trying to cut back
- 70 percent of people said they'd participate in wellness programs if they received some financial incentive 

mHI's proposal for restructuring around mHealth

Boston-based mHealth Initiative has outlined its proposal for how the U.S. healthcare system could be restructured to save money and increase quality of care by implementing mobiles throughout the healthcare value chain. mHI calls it "participatory healthcare." mHI calls for this restructuring to occur over the next decade. 

PillCam now used at Rady Children's Hospital

PillCamIf you're a fan of the television show House, you may have already heard of Israel-based Given Imaging's PillCam. However, Joshua Devine, a high school sophomore who lives near San Diego, became one of the first to actually swallow the 1-inch long, plastic capsule that contains a tiny wireless camera at Rady Children's Hospital.