Round-up: IBM; CDC; Diabetes app for BlackBerrys

Since 2006 Cisco has helped power an mHealth program in Kenya that equips doctors with PDAs or cell phones to record data and access information for a variety of medical conditions, including possible treatments outlined in easy-to-use flowcharts. Here's a quick overview of the program from Business Daily Africa.

Video: Nokia & mHealth in emerging markets

Here's a video (via that showcases Nokia's Data Gathering application for the E71. The video shows the Amazonas' State Health Department in Brazil using the devices and application to monitor and treat outbreaks of dengue fever. In developing markets one of the key problems for caregivers and public health workers is recording and managing data collection on health issues for large populations.

Round-up: Halamka cuts cord, HC drives WiFi "n"

John Halamka, MD, MS, the CIO of CareGroup Health System and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School, has cut the cord and no longer has a landline phone. Halamka wrote a post about going all mobile over at his blog Life as a Healthcare CIO. Halamka is also Chair of the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), and a practicing Emergency Physician.