Health Guide competitor gets $3M in VC

BL Healthcare scooped up $3 million of a planned $5 million investment round, according to Mass High Tech. The company secured the money  through the placement of preferred stock and warrants but the funders remain undisclosed. BL Healthcare developed a platform called TVx, which receives a patient's health information from various Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices in the home and displays the data on the person's television screen.

Jitterbug now profitable, on Verizon Wireless network

Jitterbug J Services StoreGreatCall, parent company to Jitterbug, the easy-to-use mobile phone service for seniors, will now be offering its service over Verizon Wireless' network, which gives Jitterbug nationwide coverage as well as access to location-based technologies. Those could come in handy for the "Jitterbug Services Store."

Wireless sensor company CardioMEMS gets $22.1M in VC

cardioMEMSWireless sensing and communications developer CardioMEMS just announced that it had completed a $22.1 million round of financing. The company said that the additional funds will bankroll its heart failure clinical trial, which was initiated in September of 2007 and is currently taking place in more than 65 heart centers across the U.S.

Atlanta-based Med Tech Company CardioMEMS Raises Additional Capital to Advance its CHAMPION Clinical Trial for its Wireless Sensor System for Heart Failure Monitoring

ATLANTA, Aug. 26 -- CardioMEMS, Inc., a medical technology company that has developed and is commercializing proprietary wireless sensing and communication technology for the human body, today announced the completion of a $22.1M financing. The financing provides the company with additional capital to fund the company's CHAMPION clinical trial. Initiated in September 2007, the CHAMPION trial is evaluating the safety and effectiveness of CardioMEMS' heart failure (HF) pressure measurement system in patients with heart failure.

Epocrates: iPhone, Palm PDAs popular among med students

Epocrates' fourth annual Future Physicians of America survey polled more than 1,000 medical students about their technology preferences and habits. Epocrates found that nearly 90 percent of medical students view information available through mobile or online drug and disease references, like Epocrates' own offerings, as "highly credible." Epocrates found that students are four times more likely to consult a mobile reference for a clinical question than ask their own attending physician.

Future Physicians Weigh in on Importance of Technology in Medicine

Fourth Annual Survey by Epocrates Gives U.S. Medical Students Voice on Pressing Issues

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- Medical students give the U.S. healthcare system a poor grade and consider technology a ‘must have' for their future practice. These opinions and technology priorities, including mobile reference and electronic medical records (EMRs), are represented in the fourth annual Future Physicians of America survey by Epocrates, Inc., the leading provider of mobile medical technology.

CIMIT awards diabetes iPhone app $100,000 grant

Islet iAbetics iPhone appMatthew Connor, a rising junior at Princeton University received a $100,000 grant from Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT) to build a more in-depth online portal for his diabetes management iPhone app, Islet, which Connor and his brother launched last September. Islet enables diabetics to record what and how much they e