Round-up: HIPAA; Landmark Report; New MCA

By Brian Dolan

A new Landmark Report details three types of interventions that have been demonstrated to be effective in reducing hospitalizations of Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. Unfortunately, mobile solutions are not included specifically.

PC Magazine has a nice column on the iPhone 3.0 news we covered in depth last week: "These two applications are good examples of what can happen if you add connectivity and new levels of intelligence to something like the iPhone, turning it into an indispensable medical assistant. It will be interesting to see what the broader medical community will do with this new SDK. Will health-care manufacturers apply their knowledge and expertise to a lot of other medical problems and monitoring devices in the future?" Article

More iPhone: If you want to keep up with reviews of medical apps for the iPhone, check out They just posted a two part review on Papers for iPhone, written by a Dutch neurosurgical resident.

ZDNet wonders whether HIPAA changes will torpedo the health IT stimulus?

Another mobile clinical assistant tablet based on Intel's spec is available: MediSlate MCA i1040XT.

Milano-based Sorin Group and Paris-based Orange Business Services have teamed up to develop a remote monitoring solution for patients implanted with cardiac rhythm management devices.

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