Mobile health at HIMSS 2011

By Brian Dolan
03:35 am

Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNewsLater today MobiHealthNews will host its very first webinar: mHealth Trends 2011 (HIMSS11 Preview), which takes place at 2PM EST/ 11AM PST. If you are not already one of the 850 people who have signed up, please do -- it's complimentary but you need to register to attend. Many thanks to Diversinet for sponsoring our first foray into live online events. The discussion will focus on mobile health trends in 2011 and include a preview of what we expect to see in the way of mobile health trends and news at the HIMSS event in Orlando later this month. We're very excited to hear from Chilmark Research Principal John Moore, who will present along with me and Diversinet EVP Mark Trigsted.

John will provide some data from Chilmark's recent mHealth report along with a look at mHealth at HIMSS. I'll focus on some trends I expect to see in 2011 and may even make a few predictions (those will likely draw some criticism). Mark is going to share his take on mHealth trends as well as Diversinet's strategy for HIMSS, which should prove instructive for other mobile health companies heading to Orlando. Be sure to bring questions to the webinar later today. We'll try to answer all questions submitted during the session or later by email if need be.

I'll also be presenting live and in-person at the HIMSS event itself. There's a new HIT X.0 portion of the event and I'll be kicking that off Monday morning with a discussion of mobile health by the numbers. Sometimes it seems like there are more numbers floating around about mobile health, than there are mobile health companies. My goal is to whittle down the list to a core set of need-to-know numbers. Here are the details on my session.

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If you'd like to meet up in person, be sure to drop me a line -- I've got a few spots left and I'll plan to schedule these by the end of the week. If you'd like to learn more about MobiHealthNews' services, be sure to send MobiHealthNews co-founder Joe Maillie an email -- he'll be at the event also and happy to discuss non-editorial topics. MobiHealthNews Contributing Editor Neil Versel will also be in attendance and covering some of the mobile health related happenings for us, but he'll be writing more extensively about HIMSS here.

See you in Orlando!


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