mHealth companies: The most innovative in health care?

By Brian Dolan
09:09 pm

GE Healthcare Vscan ultra-mobile ultrasound deviceMobile health companies dominated Fast Company's list of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health Care for 2011. At least five of the top 10 companies have strong mobile components.

Epocrates, which went public recently, topped the magazine's list of most innovative companies "for creating software that gives doctors and nurses instant information on drug-to-drug interactions, treatment recommendations, and more on their mobile devices or laptops." The magazine also noted Epocrates' EHR plans.

Voxiva, which powers the much publicized Text4Baby service, landed as the third most innovative company on the magazine's list "for developing mobile apps that coach users through everything from smoking cessation to diabetes management."

GE Healthcare took the seventh spot on the list "for promising to revolutionize diagnosis with the Vscan, a mobile, pocket-size ultrasound machine the size of an iPod, connected to short wand." Certainly mobile but not yet wireless connected. While the wireless connectivity isn't embedded in the Vscan yet, I'm willing to place my bet against anyone's who thinks it will remain unconnected for too much longer.

PharmaSecure took the eighth spot "for coming up with cost-effective protection against counterfeit drugs, which are especially prevalent in developing nations." The company's use of text messages to verify drug authenticity makes it a true mobile health startup. Sproxil is a close competitor to PharmaSecure.

NeuroVigil ranked ninth according to Fast Company as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in healthcare. The magazine recognized the startup "for building a database of brainwave activity to help researchers recognize disease patterns in people affected by neural or nervous system maladies." As we have previously reported, NeuroVigil analyzes its users' EEGs and aims to detect early signs of cognitive disorders like Parkinson's.

All in all a great list from Fast Company -- we agree with the magazine's astute editors that mobile health companies should dominate a list of most innovative companies in healthcare today. Read the entire list here.


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