Ford and WellDoc prototype mobile health in cars

By Brian Dolan

WellDocFordSystemCar company Ford has partnered with mobile health company WellDoc to prototype an in-care health system that monitors the driver for issues arising from congestive heart failure, asthma, and diabetes, according to a report today in the New York Times. The system uses Ford's Sync connectivity technologies to transmit and download data from cloud services.

MobiHealthNews is currently en route (mid-flight actually) to Dearborn, Michigan to attend an unveiling and demonstration of the prototyped system at Ford's research center. (More details to follow later today).

The Times report provides one potential use case: If a car entered an area with a high pollen count and the driver was highly allergic, it could automatically raise the windows and begin air recirculation. WellDoc said its service could accurately monitor the conditions of diabetes and leverage Ford's Sync platform to warn a driver of a drop in blood sugar or the potential of an onset of insulin shock.

Ford told the Times that it is just a matter of time before these kinds of services become the norm, but there are no plans at this time to bring the service to market, according to the report.

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