Google Health now viewable on iPhone

By Brian Dolan
07:07 am

An iPhone application developer has leveraged Google Health's API to create Health Cloud, an application for Apple's iPhone that gives users access to the information they have entered into their Google Health personal health record. Like the other Google Health readers for mobile phones that we have written about in the past, this one only allows users to access the information in a readable format; Health Cloud does not allow you to update your Google Health record.

Parsons is ambitious, however. He claims that in the application's next version, Health Cloud v1.1, users will be able to update their Google Health record from the iPhone. The app's second coming will also include capability to view notices from your provider, an improved visual interface for medications, immunizations and so forth.

Last month we wrote about Anvita Health's Mobile Viewer for Google Health, which is only available for Android-powered phones like T-Mobile USA's G1 handset. Anvita said the application will be available on other handsets, including the iPhone, in the future.

The only official mobile initiative spearheaded by Google Health itself has been an option for Google Health users to print out their personal health records and keep them in their pockets.


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