Meet Rock Health's Class of 2011

By Brian Dolan
10:07 am

Rock Health Class 2011Rock Health, the mobile health incubator that launched earlier this year just announced (most of) the names of its first batch of startups, which were picked by Rock Health's venture capitalist and healthcare provider partners. The incubator said that more than 350 entrants applied to the program, which consists of five months of consulting on design, health policy, funding, infrastructure branding, communications and more.

“Until now, the healthcare and technology spheres have been totally separate. The brilliance of Rock Health is that, for the first time, a surge of talent is flowing into health apps -- the same brainy, bold, blue-sky entrepreneurs who brought about Web 2.0,” Patrick Chang, Partner at NEA stated in Rock Health's release. “These entrepreneurs see an ailing sector that can be restored more cheaply, easily and inventively than ever before. This inaugural class brings together physicians, web designers and more than a few yogis to work on cool, diverse concepts. Rock Health is an excitant in a field of infirmity.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Rock Health and engaging in the powerful ecosystem that is being developed,” added Dr. Michael Matley, leader in business development and new ventures for the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation. “By coupling the passion and innovation of these entrepreneurs, the scaling and business expertise of great investors, and the clinical expertise of the Mayo Clinic, we hope to create solutions to healthcare’s most compelling problems.”

It's refreshing to see a list of startups working on mobile health and online health tools that includes few recognizable names. While few are recognizable now, what's more important is whether any of these will be well known in the near future. It's still very early, but what do you think, will Rock Health's Class of 2011 produce any winners?

To learn more about each of the startups in Rock Health's Class of 2011, click on a name from the list. Not mentioned in the list are three additional startups that are in "stealth mode" still.

BrainBot (technology to improve mental performance)
CellScope (at-home diagnosis of diseases)
Genomera (personal health collaboration)
Health In Reach (medical procedure marketplace)
Omada Health (clinical treatment social networking)
Pipette (patient monitoring and education)
Skimble (mobile fitness)
WeSprout (connecting health data and community)

Rock Health Class of 2011: BrainBot

Rock Health BrainBot