FourSquare signs on for RunKeeper's Health Graph

By Brian Dolan
07:28 am

Health-GraphRunKeeper unveiled this week a new feature called the Health Graph, which allows users to aggregate data from the RunKeeper mobile app with other health and tracking services. Health Graph will allow users to see a unified view of workout data, social interactions, diet, and sleep habits in the aim of tracking and improving ones overall health and fitness. The data is presented in charts and graphs which can then be shared with other users via a robust social media aspect.

FourSquare, Zeo, Withings, Polar, Wahoo, and BodyMedia are among the first companies to participate in the program. Some of the data types from these companies currently tracked by the graph include cycling, weight, nutrition, diabetes, and sleep. FitnessKeeper, the app’s parent company, plans to open up the HealthGraph API to any mobile health developers wishing to share their data. The Health Graph API is currently in a closed alpha, but interested developers can sign up on a wait list.

In a company blog post, RunKeeper CEO Jason Jacobs elaborated on the graph’s mission, writing that “Simply having a central location to store all of this data wasn’t enough–we needed to store it in a way that enabled us to help users quickly and easily make sense of it. How did their health and fitness progress over time? Which of their actions helped drive them to reach their goals? What social motivators inspired them to push themselves further?”

Jacobs tells MobiHealthNews that the RunKeeper community is now up to 6 million users. Last summer we noted that RunKeeper's user base had surpassed the 2 million mark. RunKeeper was also one of the first health apps to take advantage of Zeo's open API when the sleep monitoring company first began opening up its data silo last summer.

For more on RunKeeper's Health Graph API, read the Jacob's blog post


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