7 medical phone peripherals you should know

By Brian Dolan


cutoutphoneGlucophone is an integrated cell phone-glucometer system introduced in 2006 that used custom software on certain LG mobile phones along with a Glucopack fitted onto the device's back. Users place the test strip in a small slot on the side of the GlucoPak, with the results uploaded seconds later to the HealthPia website, and securely stored there. The results can be automatically sent to your physician, guardian, or family member in real-time. After its initial announcement, Glucophone was MIA for a year, and many believed the product to vaporware. Finally, in August 2007, HealthPia announced that they'd received FDA approval for the device and were beginning to ship the product for certain phones. Genesis Health currently markets the Glucophone online, but its website does not appear to have been updated since 2009.