RunKeeper adds apps to build its Health Graph

By Brian Dolan
10:37 am

RunKeeperFitness app maker RunKeeper has added eight new partners to its Health Graph, which it announced today in a blog post. According to the company, hundreds of apps are in the process of integrating with Health Graph.

The Health Graph API, which launched as an alpha release this June, allows users to aggregate data from the RunKeeper mobile app with other health and tracking services to provide a unified view of workout data, social interactions, diet, and sleep habits. The data is presented in charts and graphs that can then be shared with other users. FourSquare, Zeo, Withings, Polar, Wahoo, and BodyMedia are among the first companies to participate in the program.

The new apps partnering with RunKeeper include:

Jog Log is an iPhone app that helps you track your running and other fitness activities using GPS. iSmoothRun lets you use your iPhone as a training aid for running and multisports. Swim Converter tracks your swimming activities in yards or meters. WeightConnect lets you connect your WeightBot measurements with your Runkeeper account. Fitocracy helps you surpass your fitness goals by turning fitness into a game. Arookoo sends you on challenges that motivate you to move around your city. Fitness Widget Generator creates a widget you can include on your site to display your activities. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor takes your blood pressure and updates your RunKeeper profile automatically.

In addition, RunKeeper expects a handful of apps to arrive in the coming, including Kinetic, "a GPS app for running, walking cycling and other activities"; Weight Meter, "a web site that can be used to keep track of your daily scale readings;" and Superproof, "an online fitness game and iPhone mobile app that helps you rally your friends to achieve your health goals together."

You can read the RunKeeper blog post here.

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