Apple manufacturer funds fitness watchmaker

By Brian Dolan
07:21 am

wimm-weatherA new Android-powered watch platform from startup WIMM Labs features sensors that could be used for mHealth applications, reports CNET. WIMM Labs is being funded by iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, which will, not surprisingly, be manufacturing the WIMM device, too.

The watch module, which runs on a custom Android OS developed for the small display, includes WiFi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, GPS, magnetometer, speaker, buzzer, and 30 hours of rechargeable battery life. Exposed contacts on the watches back can communicate with other accessory devices. The watch will not become a WIMM-branded product, however, instead the company plans to license the tech to other companies.

WIMM also plans to maintain an apps platform for the device. The watch can be controlled via a smartphone app or web interface.

WIMM spokesperson Tim Twerdahl stated in the article that the device can serve as fitness gear, as news readers, calendar monitors, displays for sports equipment, and as a secondary display for text message and call notifications. WIMM, which is licensing the technology to other companies, is close to signing with an undisclosed fitness brand who will sell and market the watch, the company claims.

Read the CNET report here.


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