Hospital uses QR codes for appointment booking

By Brian Dolan

AthensAthens, Georgia-area hospital Athens Regional Health Services recently started including QR (Quick Response) codes in its print advertisements to encourage women to sign up for mammograms, according to a report from the Athens Banner-Herald. Smartphone users can take a picture of the QR code with their phones, which then send their mobile web browsers directly to the facility's website to sign up for a mammogram appointment. In order to read QR codes, users need to download a QR scanner application.

"It came down to wanting to be able to track where people were reading about our services and pulling up our services on the website," Courtney Alford-Pomeroy, website marketing manager for Athens Regional Medical Center told the Athens Banner-Herald. "I want to make sure that we're targeting people in the places that are most convenient for them."

The QR codes allow Alford-Pomeroy to figure out where visitors to the mammogram scheduling site came from and whether they scanned a QR code from a newspaper, magazine or postcard. Most people still head to the scheduling site via the facility's website's main page. About 15 percent of the request form's traffic comes from QR codes, however, those women that get to the page from the QR code are more likely to complete the request form than women who found it via another route.

Athens Regional plans to keep using QR codes because people don't need computers to use them or need to remember a long website name.

"You just scan and you're in," Alford-Pomeroy told the newspaper.