Japan's RFID-enabled PHR device

By Brian Dolan
02:38 am

asahi-kaseiJapananese company Asahi Kasei has developed a portable device that gives users access to their health records from a computer or smartphone by connecting to these devices through short range, contactless RFID, according to a report in TechCrunch.

The device is a smart card, sized at just 3x3cm, and built on FeliCa technology, which is prominently used by Japan’s mobile operators.

The card would be useful during medical emergencies: Paramedics and emergency response doctors could instantly access vital medical information such as blood type, allergies, and medications on a smartphone or tablet in seconds by tapping the card to the mobile device.

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Asahi Kasei stated that the entire medical history of patients can be accessed on the device. Large files, such as radiology images, would be accessed remotely via links on the smartphone or computer. Japanese business daily The Nikkei reports that Asahi Kasei is planning to release the device this year at a $25 price point.

Read the TechCrunch article here.