Ten predictions for the mobile health market

By Chris Gullo

Withings Blood PressureBy 2013: 500,000 BP monitors to ship

In 2009, nearly 50,000 blood-pressure monitors were used in telehealth applications, but shipments of these devices will hit 500,000 by 2013. In addition, the global combined unit shipments of home-use digital blood-glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, weight scales, pulse oximeters and peak flow meters used in telehealth applications will grow to more than 1.6 million, according to a 2010 InMedica report.

Shipments of health hubs will also hit 400,000, bringing the total shipments of telehealth devices to about 2 million by 2013. InMedica notes that the current use of telehealth at home has been for chronic disease management, particularly, COPD, CHF, hypertension and diabetes. Telehealth has not yet evolved into a mainstream application, according to the research firm.