WIN app to take on fragmentation of healthy eating

By Chris Gullo

winA mHealth startup has big plans for a wellness network that encompasses consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, payors, providers, and more, according to a report from MedCityNews.

Youngstown, Ohio-based Wellness Integrated Network (WIN), aims to mash up data from patients, payors, providers, educational institutions, grocery stores, restaurants, food manufacturers and more to create personalized diet plans for users. WIN, founded in 2008, plans to use mobile apps to help users track compliance with their plans.

The company is currently conducting a 12-week diet-compliance pilot study in which 50 pre-diabetic children will be given smartphones to track their diet. Youngstown health system Humility of Mary Health Partners, an equity investor in WIN, is partnering with the company on the trial. WIN hopes that adherence to diet plans will increase 25 percent using their system, and plans to eventually publish the study in a peer-reviewed journal.

WIN has raised about $250,000 in investment funding so far, including a recent $25,000 grant from the Lorain County Community College’s Innovation Fund.

As MedCityNews notes, WIN is bringing together businesses that don't regularly collaborate, including restaurants and supermarkets, which is one of the many challenges facing the start-up.

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