Trale offers employee health risk assessment iPad app

By Neil Versel

Trale MyBioCheckTrale, a provider of health risk assessments for employers, is turning to the iPad to automate and simplify employee wellness programs.

At next week's Care Continuum Alliance The Forum 11 meeting in San Francisco, Trale will introduce MyBioCheck, an iPad app that collects and analyzes biometric data from employer-sponsored health risk assessments. MyBioCheck compares cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and other readings against established norms to produce health report cards for individuals and, using aggregate data only, for employers.

Each report card contains easy-to-understand letter grades and grade-point averages on several metrics, including diabetes risk and weight management, and also provides relevant health tips, according to Dan O'Flaherty, VP of sales at Trale. "We're the first to put a grade to it," O'Flaherty claims.

Daleville, Ind.-based Trale is marketing MyBioCheck toward biometric screening companies that conduct on-site wellness exams on behalf of employees. "We're already the manufacturer of paper-based HRAs, and they're rather cumbersome," O'Flaherty tells MobiHealthNews. "The whole process, it's kind of archaic."

Screeners enter readings from cholesterol analyzers, BP cuff, weight scales and other devices into the iPad; MyBioCheck does not currently support direct data transmission from wireless medical devices, O'Flaherty says, nor are there immediate plans to add such capability.

The app produces report cards, which can be output as screen shots, PDFs or simply sent to a networked printer. On subsequent visits, employees can get cumulative scores as readings change. Employers receive aggregate report cards that, for privacy reasons, contain no individual data, O'Flaherty says. "That's tracked over time, too," he explains.

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PRESS RELEASE — TRALE is pleased to announce MyBioCheck.

Employee wellness and disease management has never been so easy or so powerful. MyBioCheck. puts biometric data from your workforce right in your hand, because it's designed specifically for the Apple iPad.

Screening participants can immediately identify their wellness strengths and weaknesses.  Thanks to the application's data storage capabilities, MyBioCheck also makes it easy for participants to track their biometric values over time.

The MyBioCheck Report Card explains in simple language why these biometric values are critical and how they contribute to chronic disease. Finally, the report card provides simple, but effective action items that participants can immediately do to improve their grades -- and their health.

MyBioCheck has been designed specifically for use by organizations specializing in health & wellness, biometric screening and health coaching.

MyBioCheck features a simple and intuitive touch screen user interface that collects biometric data from popular onsite blood diagnostic data devices. Making sense of your workforce's health has never been easier or more convenient.

Healthier employees mean a more productive workforce. MyBioCheck is powerful; simple-to-use analytic and reporting tools take the guesswork out of workplace wellness.

Dan O'Flaherty, Vice President of Sales ( states, "We are extremely excited to introduce this revolutionary new device. MyBioCheck produces a Report Card for the participant and the company. People just seem to understand grades. We are excited about this product for Wellness Companies, Screening Companies and Health Coaching organizations. Initially it will be available for the iPad but this fall we plan on making it available online as well".

TRALE announces the MyBioCheck iPad app at The Forum 11, the annual meeting of the Care Continuum Alliance, Sept. 7 to 9, in San Francisco. The Forum 11 convenes a diverse audience of leaders in wellness, prevention and care management to advance knowledge of best practices and innovative approaches to population health management.

TRALE was founded in 2001 with the goal of offering flexible, customized health risk assessment (HRA) solutions to its customers. Instead of the "one-size-fits-all" HRA products that are common in the industry, we provide both online and pencil-and-paper HRA tools customized to the individual client’s needs.

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