ZocDoc appointment booking comes to Boston

By Brian Dolan
07:57 am

ZocDocZocDoc a free iPhone, Android, or web app that enables users to schedule dentist and doctor appointments launched in the greater Boston area last week. ZocDoc's database includes user reviews of providers, which insurance they accept, and other relevant background information to help potential patients determine the best provider for them. Users can also find out ahead of time whether they will be visiting with a physician or physician assistant.

While the service is free for patients, doctors pay a $250 monthly fee to fill open appointments.

Earlier this year ZocDoc announced a $50 million third round of funding from DST Global. The company' has raised about $70 million to date.

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According to a report in the Boston Herald, about 40 percent of ZocDoc users get appointments with doctors that will take place within 24 hours of booking, while about 60 percent secure appointments that are three or fewer days away. ZocDoc claims the average wait time for an appointment using legacy methods is about 50 days for Massachusetts.

The service is now available in 11 cities and for some 40 different doctor specialties. The site launched in 2007 as an appointment booking site for dentists.

Healthagen, which offers the iTriage mobile app, recently added appointment booking to its app after it acquired AppointmentCity.com for an undisclosed sum this past February.

More on the Boston launch over at the Herald


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