Qualcomm: Holy Grail is wireless Band-Aids

By Brian Dolan
05:41 am

Investor's Business Daily posted an interview with Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs to discuss the last 25 years of wireless technology innovation and what lies ahead -- of course, mHealth figures in prominently to Jacobs' vision: 

"We're in the early stages. We're only now getting to these high-speed networks. The price of chips is low enough that we can have consumer electronics and computational capabilities in cell phones," Jacobs told IBD.

"We've been focused on things like how do you improve wellness and the productivity of doctors... Someone from my team told me that the Holy Grail was to have noninvasive sensors, like a wireless Band-Aid, that could monitor how many calories you take in," Jacobs said. "Another area I'm excited about is this notion of augmented reality. Because phones have connectivity and location awareness capabilities, cameras and other things in the phone, in the future you will be able to hold a phone up and have it look at the world around you and things will be identified for you, including people and places."

Read more over at IBD (via 3G Doctor Blog)


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