Apple's top 50 iPad apps for doctors

By Brian Dolan


FINR brain atlas

FINR Brain Atlas

drawMD Urology

"drawMD Urology enhances doctor-patient communication by offering a new paradigm for explaining complex issues and their possible medical and surgical solutions. Designed by two Urologists seeking to improve patient understanding of medical problems, drawMD Urology utilizes the iPad’s unique interface to allow anyone to sketch, stamp, or type directly on the detailed anatomic images included in the application."

FINR Brain Atlas

"Explore the anatomy of the brain and common brain injuries in a 3-dimensional model. Detailed descriptions include the function of normal structures, related structures, common injuries to those areas, and resulting deficits due to damage."

iURO Kidney

"Powerful 3D urologic application, committed with the actual requests to ease the understanding of pathologies and therapies in the medical surgery sector. Our aim, defined to empower the communication, it´s based in facilitate the comprehension between doctors, patients and medicine students in all areas related to Urology."

Muscle Trigger Points

"A Reference for the most common trigger points and referral patterns for over 70 muscles. Features 100+ trigger points with their corresponding referral patterns. Each muscle includes the visual referral pattern and point location, plus a written muscle action, referral and comments for each muscle. You can choose to view each muscle individually, or use the zones view to see all the muscles that refer into a specific area, a great help in discovering the source of pain."


"FootDecide is Orca’s newest medical app in the Decide Series. It is a physician-based medical app designed to provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended treatment for common foot and ankle conditions. FootDecide goes beyond all previous Orca apps in its introduction of full 3D anatomical motion simulation. "