iPhone Medical Apps: Third fastest growing category

By Brian Dolan
06:50 am

According to a report by Ben Lorca over at O'Reilly Radar, out of the 20 categories of iPhone applications, the "Medical" category has added the third most new applications in the past three months. The number of medical applications for the iPhone grew almost 133 percent during the period. The "Books" and "Travel" categories took the first and second places for most new apps added during the past 12 weeks. The medical category now holds 1.1 percent of the iPhone's applications marketshare.

iPhone App Growth during Q1

O'Reilly Radar also determined that the "incubation" period, or the time it takes Apple to run its quality assurance tests on medical apps increased from an average of four days in January-February to an average of seven days in March-April. Wonder if all the talk of FDA regulation spooked them? (Read on for more)

iPhone App Incubation ChartFor more on O'Reilly Research report, check out the Radar post here.


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