Allscripts launches native iPad EHR app, Wand

By Brian Dolan
05:00 am

Allscripts Wand iPad EHRThis week EHR vendor Allscripts launched a native iPad application, called Allscripts Wand (formerly code-named "Project Wombat"), which adds a handful of new features. Allscripts was one of the first EHR vendors to offer an iPhone-accessible EHR when it introduced Allscripts Remote at the HIMSS conference in 2009. That was one of the only mobile related announcements that came out of the event, which is in stark contrast to the smartphone and tablet filled booths lining the exhibit hall in the years since.

This week the Allscripts Wand iPad app will be used by about 120 healthcare providers and the app will likely touch about 1,000 patients, Allscripts' Chief Innovation Officer Stanley Crane told MobiHealthNews in an interview.

(Correction: This article originally stated that Wand was Allscripts' first native iPad app, which is not the case. More background below.)

In 2010, Allscripts offered up Sunrise Mobile MD II, a natively integrated app designed for iPad users. The iPhone version, Sunrise Mobile MD, had similar features and launched shortly beforehand. The company also launched a home care EHR app in 2010. It was also the first EHR to integrate with WellDoc's DiabetesManager mobile and web-based program.

Allscripts points to data from Physicians Consulting Network which polled 5,000 physicians last year and found that about 27 percent owned an iPad or a similar device, which was about five times higher than the adoption rate among the general population at the time.

Allscripts expects Wand will help clinicians to more easily and quickly review a chart before entering the exam room; input real-time information like vitals and medications from the exam room; and access EHR information after hours. The native iPad interface brings new features too: Users can now view a timeline of key patient information such as lab results, medications, vitals, and more; review appointment lists and current patient status; retrieve patient data quickly, with drill-down access to details; ePrescribe with electronic transmission to pharmacies; and resolve tasks and respond to messages with a quick swipe of the screen, according to the company.

More in the press release below:

PRESS RELEASE: CHICAGO – April 5, 2012 – Allscripts announced the much-anticipated release of Allscripts Wand™, which provides users of Allscripts Electronic Health Records a unique, native iPad application that extends the most commonly used functions of Allscripts Professional™ and Enterprise™ solutions.

iPad™ use in healthcare is rising rapidly. A recent study in Archives of Internal Medicine found that iPad use in hospitals could reduce delays and improve continuity of patient care. And a poll of more than 5,000 physicians conducted by the Physicians Consulting Network revealed that 27 percent of primary care and specialty physicians own an iPad or similar device, a rate that is five times higher than the general population.

“Wand’s patient timeline enables me to see at-a-glance when and why patients last visited,” said Lisa Young, M.D., a physician with Pediatric Clinic LLC in Auburn, Alabama. “I can show patients lab trends that are easy to pull up and look elegant. And the quick view of immunizations is perfect for pediatrics.”

The latest in a long line of mobility innovations from Allscripts, Wand breaks new ground in its intuitive interface, which allows for ease of use with virtually no training, translating into a better physician experience. Allscripts developers employed Human Performance Modeling – the technique used by NASA to predict and improve pilot performance, to ensure that user input translated into the final product. The result is a streamlined workflow and quick access to information.

WAND provides clinicians the ability to:

•Review a chart quickly before entering the exam room

•Input real-time information like vitals and medications from the exam room

•Access EHR information after hours

“Wand is where we need to be. If we want to be paperless, and we do, we need to have something that’s quick and easy,” said Chantal Guidi, R.N., a nurse at USF Health in Tampa, Florida. “Now we don’t have to write patient vital signs on a piece of paper that could get lost, forcing us to go back and take the signs again.”

Wand’s graphical interface and intuitive workflow enables clinicians to:

•View a timeline of key patient information such as lab results, medications, vitals, and more

•Review appointment lists and current patient status

•Retrieve patient data quickly, with drill-down access to details

•ePrescribe with electronic transmission to pharmacies

•Resolve tasks and respond to messages with a quick swipe of the screen

“The idea behind Allscripts Wand is to offer fast, easy access to the EHR features that clinicians use most,” said Stanley Crane, Chief Innovation Officer for Allscripts.

“Our native iPad application delivers up-to-date tablet technology with a redesigned user experience into the hands of clinicians.”

In 2010, the company released Sunrise Mobile MD II™ for iPad giving hospital providers remote access to many daily activities, expanding on Sunrise Mobile MD™ for iPhone. And with Allscripts Remote™, available since 2009, ambulatory EHR users can access key clinical features after hours on virtually any smartphone. Wand takes the next step by adding more features and a native iPad interface.

Wand is available for users of Allscripts Professional and Enterprise Electronic Health Records. Users simply need to download the app from iTunes and install the necessary components from Allscripts. No on-site training is required. Interested media also can download the app to see features and functionality firsthand.


View images and videos of Wand by visiting or clicking here.

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