Survey: 45 percent of doctors have iPads

By Brian Dolan
12:46 pm

JiffPad iPad appA recent survey of 971 physicians found that about 74 percent already own or plan to buy an iPad in the next six months. The survey, called the April 2012 Joint Survey of Physician Digital Behavior, was conducted by virtual event platform provider ON24 and MedData Group.

Of the physicians surveyed, some 45 percent currently owned an iPad and about 52 percent were already iPhone users. About 10 percent said they use a non-iPad tablet, while some 25 percent claimed to use some kind of smartphone other than an iPhone. The researchers asked respondents which type of device they planned to buy in the next six months: 29 percent said an iPad, 17 percent planned to buy an iPhone, 4 percent expected to purchase a non-iPad tablet, and nearly 6 percent said they planned to buy a non-iPhone smartphone.

The survey also found that while physicians are interested in attending online events and meetings for CME training, pharmaceutical education, or medical device training, less than 7 percent of the physicians surveyed said they participate in any kind of virtual training very often.

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Read this InformationWeek article for more details.
Or read more in the press release below:

PRESS RELEASE: SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 17, 2012 – ON24, Inc., the global leader in webcasting and virtual events, and MedData Group, a leading provider of interactive content and database marketing services to the professional healthcare community, today announced the findings of their April 2012 Joint Survey of Physician Digital Behavior.

In a survey of 971 physician participants across a variety of specialties, the study found that the overwhelming majority of doctors (84.1%) would prefer to attend continuing medical education (CME) training online, followed by:

Pharmaceutical Education – 31.6%

Dinner Meetings – 29.4%

Medical Device Training – 27.1%

However, only 6.4% say they actually participate in virtual training or any type of virtual event very often. But that’s set to change.

When asked what trends they see with respect to virtual events and webcasts, 75.5% of doctors say they are increasing in number, and nearly all doctors (96.1%) say they see benefits to being able to attend more conferences, meetings and CME events virtually. These benefits include:

Viewing “on-demand” content at my convenience– 80.3%

Avoiding the hassles of travel to places I’d rather not visit – 53.3%

Spending more time at home, relaxing or having fun – 45.1%

Better overall patient care – 35.1%

While medical professionals agree that impressive credentials and subject matter expertise are important characteristics in a virtual event presenter, more than 61% say they also want presenters to have a non-nasally, clear voice. Additionally, they placed a premium on openness to differing viewpoints (52.9%); funny, entertaining presentations (41.8%); and a fast-paced delivery (36.1%).

“We’re looking at a significant change in how doctors say they use and want to use virtual technology,” said Bill Reinstein, President and CEO of MedData Group, “and the results of the survey point to wider adoption and more meaningful use of online training anytime, anywhere.”

In fact, doctors are more mobile than ever before. Three quarters of physicians (74.3%) said they either have or plan to buy an iPad in the next six months.

“These results demonstrate that virtual communication is becoming very important to the way doctors prefer to work,” said Sharat Sharan, Chief Executive Officer of ON24. “In today’s digital age, medical professionals increasingly prefer virtual events and webcasts wherever they are – at their desks, on their laptops or with any mobile device – over traveling to in-person events.”

About ON24, Inc.

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MedData Group is a leading provider of interactive content and database marketing services to the professional healthcare community. Our mission is to identify under-serviced information needs and develop high-value content services that can aid physicians and a wide range of the professional healthcare ecosystem in their research and decision making. In the process, we create multiple, valuable opportunities for healthcare vendors, medical education companies and others to reach and engage with this audience of influential professionals. Our HealthcarePro database provides highly targeted email marketing opportunities on a unique cost-per-acquisition basis and is perfect for promotion of CME, eDetails, product launches, dinner meetings and much more. For more information please visit us at


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