Doximity offers Facebook-like app for Stanford medical school

By Brian Dolan
04:43 am

Doximity Stanford Medical School iPhone appOver the weekend Doximity, the health app developer led by the founders of Epocrates, has teamed up with Stanford University Medical Center Alumni Association (SUMCAA) to create an app that lets graduates and trainees from the school to find each other and connect.

Doximity, which launched toward the end of 2010, describes itself as a medical communications platform that uses social networking technologies to enable doctors to communicate securely with one another -- but it's very much a mobile-centered platform. Unlike other physician social networking sites, Doximity is real-time and not anonymous. The company counts more than 50,000 physicians users now.

The new app, called SUMCAA, is free to download but requires users to authenticate via their Doximity accounts. Notably, Facebook originally launched in much the same -- by creating networks exclusive to certain schools and adding new schools incrementally. Stanford could be just the beginning of a longterm process Doximity will use to build its network of physicians.

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According to a blog post in Stanford medical school's Scope blog, medical student Matt Goldstein who is also a research fellow at Doximity made reference to Facebook: “Research has shown better communication leads to better care. But like many of my classmates, I’ve had to stop using Facebook. It will be interesting to see what impact this app has on sharing clinical expertise and improving patient care.”

The app enables students and alums of SUMCAA to find, connect, and share with each other. Users can search for current or former classmates by location, specialty, and graduation year. SUMCAA also hosts a forum for the alumni and users can maintain a professional CV via the app. The SUMCAA Twitter stream is also embedded in the app.

While the app appears to be freely available in Apple's AppStore now, the Scope blog post notes that it is only accessible by a small group of alums currently. All SUMCAA students and graduates will have access by month's end, according to the post.

Last year Doximity partnered with Amion to launch an iPhone shift scheduling app by the same name for medical professionals. In March 2011 Doximity raised almost $11 million in its first round of funding.

More in the Scope post here.


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