Rock Health reveals six startups for its Boston class

By Brian Dolan
02:29 am

BostonSan Francisco-based digital health incubator Rock Health revealed the six startups that will take part in its "pop up" incubator in Boston this summer. The Boston program is a bit different from those that took place at Rock Health headquarters in California: Those were five-month long spring and fall programs and the Boston program’s duration will be just under three months. The startups will present at a demo day on August 24, 2012. Harvard Medical School will play host to Rock Health's third class and the institution's community of clinicians and industry experts will work with the startups to refine their strategy.

Here's how Rock Health describes the six startups (we had only heard of one previously) in its first Boston class:

"HomeTeam Therapy merges the interactive gaming experience of Dance Central with the healing power of Physical Therapy to improve care and lower cost.

PrescribableApps is developing customizable, HIPAA-compliant SMS and mobile applications for users to track chronic illness longitudinally using their own experiential vocabulary. (Ed. note: This one we know of -- founded by John Moore III, who works part-time as an mHealth analyst with his father at Chilmark Research.)

NeuroTrack Technologies has developed a suite of behavioral assessment tools that efficiently and effectively prognose oncoming Alzheimer’s disease and/or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in individuals three to four years in advance of clinical diagnoses.

Neumitra develops develops data-driven technologies to measure and manage health under stress.

NoviMedicine has developed a web-based and soon-to-launch mobile device platform that allows a dermatologist to diagnose and treat skin conditions remotely.

ZeroSum Health is building a platform that empowers medical experts to create sophisticated mobile health interventions from scratch."

More about Rock Health in Boston here.

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