Rock Health's 4th class to benefit from KP's advice

By Brian Dolan
09:29 am

Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNewsLast week digital health incubator Rock Health announced its fourth class of startups, which will be the first to go through the program with the increased $100,000 in funding. Rock Health also announced last week that Kaiser Permanente, the largest integrated healthcare system in the US, has joined as a partner to the program and will help advise Rock's startups alongside its other partners, which already include Mayo Clinic, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mohr Davidow, Aberdare Ventures, GE, Genentech, United Healthcare, UCSF, Harvard Medical School, and Nike.

In addition to the Kaiser Permanente announcement, Rock Health announced the 14 startups that would be joining its next class. As expected the larger amount of funding helped attract some impressive candidates, including a few that MobiHealthNews has covered in the past. Beam Technologies, which announced FDA clearance for its accelerometer-equipped, manual toothbrush that transmits data to a smartphone app to track tooth brushing, made the cut. Wellframe, which has founders from mHealth Alliance award-winning Sana, RunKeeper, and Dossia. Medication adherence-focused startup Mango Health, which already pulled in a $1.45 million seed round, is set to enter the incubator, too.

For more on these startups and the others, read through the descriptions Rock Health provided below:

Beam Technologies focuses on the convergence of technology and oral health, and makes the Beam Brush, the first app-connected toothbrush for mapping brush behavior to achieve a better understanding of oral care’s impact on overall health.

BenefitsMe helps employers more strategically manage their HR benefits approach and helps employees appreciate their HR benefits again.

CliniCast enables providers to improve outcomes and reduce costs through predictive analytics. Its first product, ARTO, helps providers reduce unnecessary hospital admissions in patients with chronic disease.

Eligible is an API that streamlines insurance eligibility checks for doctors and patients.

Kit Check helps hospital pharmacies process medication kits faster and without error.

LabDoor builds report cards for supplements and over the counter medications, grading them based on their safety, efficacy, and price.

Mango Health makes fun and elegant mobile applications to help consumers better manage and improve their health.

Moxe Health is increasing access to medical care, first through, which combines community-wide routing schemes with individualized patient data to provide optimized recommendations.

OpenPlacement empowers people on all sides of the continuing care process with real-time information and tools to more efficiently and effectively match Seniors with Senior Housing and Care Providers.

SuperBetter turns your health goals into an on-the-go game, with a current focus on helping players manage mental health challenges including depression and anxiety.

Wellframe combines mobile technology and artificial intelligence to extend the provision of care from the hospital to the home, empowering patients to optimize their recovery and helping providers thrive in an evolving payment landscape.

Wello aims to make the world a healthier place by making fitness more personal, accessible, and affordable through an online marketplace of fitness professionals who instruct over live, 2-way video.

Wildflower Health is making pregnancy healthier, safer and lower cost through personalized mobile apps.

Zipongo delivers prescriptions for healthy living through its GroceryRx platform which helps families save money on personalized healthy meals and earn rewards for buying nutritious food.

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