Apple's top 80 apps for doctors, nurses, patients

By Brian Dolan
03:45 am




CTisus iQuiz: The HD Edition

"One of the classic formats for learning radiology has always been the quiz. In this application we provide you with our latest innovation in CT education taking advantage of the iPad and iPhone. Unique capabilities allowing us to provide an easy to use environment that combines images, text and sound to enhance the learning experience."

aycan mobile

"Aycan mobile is an iPad app which allows to display DICOM images. With this app you can receive DICOM images in an easy, secure and fast way. There is no need for a VPN tunnel."

Radiopaedia Vol 1: Brain Radiology Teaching File

" is a free radiology resource written by and for the global radiology community. We provide these Radiology Teaching Files to further your learning, help in preparation for board exams, and as a quick reference. You can squeeze in learning in a few spare minutes no matter where you are. This volume contains 70 cases, with over 220 individual images."

Siemens syngo.via WebReport

"The syngo.via WebReport application provides access anywhere to written diagnostic reports and image data using standard viewing tools on your mobile device. The client-server architecture does not require DICOM image data or confidential patient information to be retained on the device, providing clinicians with instant access while ensuring data security."


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