Apple's top 80 apps for doctors, nurses, patients

By Brian Dolan
03:45 am


Definition: Patient education apps are used during patient visits and most of those listed below are intended to help care providers communicate better with their patients by providing rich visual aids or breaking down language barriers, for example.

Heart Pro III

Heart Pro III

Muscle System Pro III

"This multi-award winning app was developed in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine. As featured in the WWDC 2012 Keynote Speech. The Muscle System Pro III is used by most universities and is now the standard learning/reference tool for students and medical professionals. Now with 215 movement animations, 425 audio pronunciations, 548 isolated muscles and 548 muscle Insertion and Origin maps (You can toggle between muscles and their attachment points on the bone)."

Orthopedic Patient Education

This award winning app is an animation based patient education app for healthcare professionals to effectively communicate anatomy, conditions and treatments to patients. The app covers a variety of conditions such as joint diseases and disorders, as well as joint physiology.

EyeDecide MD

"EyeDecide teaches you about eye Anatomy, Conditions, best practices, and helps you Find a Specialist."

(iSpineCare is no longer in this section.)

Medical French

"Communicate with your French speaking patients quickly and easily with Medical French, the premier French phrasebook for healthcare professionals. Created by and for healthcare professionals, this app is well organized and easy to use, allowing you to effectively gather a history & physical on nearly any patient."

Heart Pro III

"This app’s primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used as a fast and innovative reference tool by utilizing the index function which allows the user to select an item and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it. Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas of the heart and / or animations to their patients or students - helping to educate or explain conditions, ailments and injuries."

MediBabble Translator

"MediBabble, a free, professional-grade medical translation tool. MediBabble is a robust history-taking and examination application designed to improve the safety, efficiency, and overall quality of care for non-English speaking patients. A timely and accurate history is the cornerstone of medical diagnosis and treatment; the relative difficulty of obtaining one with non-English speakers is a significant barrier to care."

KneeDecide MD

"KneeDecide is divided into three sections: Anatomy, Condition, and Find a Specialist. Using medical images and annotations which are specific to each knee condition, the app describes each condition, shows what it looks like, discusses symptoms and findings, and gives treatment recommendations based on best practices. KneeDecide also provides a directory of specialists based on the user's location."

HealthTap MD for US Doctors

"HealthTap MD is for doctors to find new patients, enhance their reputation with colleagues and patients, learn practical clinical wisdom from other renowned doctors, earn more revenue, and help those in need — all by sharing their expertise to real health questions."

drawMD Orthopedics

"drawMD Orthopedics enhances doctor-patient communication by offering a new paradigm for explaining the complex issues surrounding Orthopedic clinical and surgical care. In order to improve patient understanding of medical problems, drawMD utilizes the iPad's unique interface to allow anyone to sketch, stamp, or type directly on the detailed anatomic images included in the application. Don't see one that fits your needs? Importing your own image is simple. Use backgrounds and stamps to counsel patients on fractures, ligament injuries, and cartilage damage. The stamp library, which continues to grow, includes total and partial knee replacements, bone grafts, arthroscopes, shoulder replacements, hip fracture repairs, and much more. Help patients and family members remember and process the conversation you had by entering their email address and sending the drawings you discussed with a quick click - they'll probably keep it longer than that exam table paper you used to write on. Your saved files and emails can also serve as a permanent record of the discussion."


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