iHealth adds smartphone-enabled glucometer, pulse ox

By Jonah Comstock
07:02 am

iHealth pulse oximeteriHealth Labs, a California-based subsidiary of China's Andon Health is expanding its line of iOS-enabled wireless health peripherals, the company announced at CES Las Vegas this week. The company will be adding a wireless blood glucometer and a wireless pulse oximeter to their product offerings, though FDA clearance is still pending for both devices.

iHealth currently makes blood pressure monitors for iOS devices, aimed at helping consumers at risk for heart disease, and connected weight scales for consumers concerned about their weight. The new Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System provides an easy way for diabetics to check their blood glucose on the go from their medical devices. Interestingly, iHealth announced a plug-in iOS glucose meter, the iHealth Smart Glucometer, at last year's CES, and even had a prototype onsite. While that device did secure FDA 510(k) clearance it never came to market.

The new device will send data wirelessly to the iHealth MyVitals App, announced in November, allowing users to record up to 500 readings, track trends, set up testing and medication reminders, and track test strip expiration dates.

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A few smartphone-enabled pulse oximeters have recently hit the market, including Zensorium's Tinke and Masimo's new iSp02. But iHealth's device is poised to break ground in at least two ways. For one thing, both the iSp02 and Tinke have to be plugged into the iPhone, while iHealth's prototype is wireless. And if the device gains FDA clearance soon, as the company hopes, it would be one of the first smartphone-enabled pulse ox to do so. (Because Masimo's device is marketed for pilots and climbers, it's not required to get clearance as a health device).

iHealth's pulse oximeter will measure pulse rate and blood oxygenation at the fingertip, displaying the readings on an LED screen as well as transmitting them via BlueTooth to the iHealth Cloud Service, where they can be accessed on mobile devices and shared to doctors or relatives. The company recommends the device for athletes and individuals with breathing problems.

The company says the devices will be available towards the end of 2013, with prices yet to be determined. iHealth Labs recently announced a deal with EHR-maker Practice Fusion and consumer app Evernote. It's likely these devices, like iHealth's existing suite, will be integrated with those systems.


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