Blueprint Health reveals 11 startups in its third class

By Jonah Comstock
02:15 am

blueprintBlueprint Health, a mentor-focused health incubator that offers co-working space in New York City, has announced its Winter 2013 class of startups -- its third. Blueprint is a member of TechStars' Global Accelerator Network. Below are brief descriptions of each of the 11 companies that just joined the accelerator. Each will receive mentorship from big name companies that include Humana, Verizon, and Aetna, $20,000 in funding, office space in Blueprint's SoHo loft, and more in exchange for 6 percent equity. Here's what the companies are focused on today:


DocASAP is a service that helps doctors find new patients by partnering with insurers and hospitals, managing their patient directories for them, and then offering doctors in those directories the opportunity to set up online appointment booking directly through the insurer and hospital websites.


forMD is sort of like a special LinkedIn for doctors. It's a free, private social network for medical professionals which hospitals can use to recruit qualified surgeons and doctors in specialized areas, paying for the privilege. According to Blueprint, the company already has 20 percent of the orthopedic surgeons in the U.S. on its networks.


HealthyOut aims to be a go-between for people on diets and weight loss plans to use online takeout ordering services like GrubHub. They aggregate online ordering sites and provide an interface to search them based on dietary requirements or point systems.


iMedicare is a business to business cost comparison tool, helping insurance companies easily calculate class D Medicare and Medicaid costs and benefits for their customers.


IntelligentM is targeted at the the problem of hospital hygiene and reducing the incidence of preventable hospital infections like MRSA. The company "designs data driven hand hygiene compliance solutions" - essentially making sure hospital staff wash their hands as often as they're supposed to, using smart bracelets that interact with hygiene stations in the hospital.

Keona Health

Keona Health improves workflow efficiency at clinics by reducing the time spent on non-billable phone triage. Instead, the company offers an online triage system.


LuminateHealth has the goal of getting patient's lab results directly to the patients, without necessarily having a doctor as an intermediary. They develop tools that make lab test results easier to access digitally and to understand.


MyNewMD is a website aimed at helping pregnant women find new doctors, through a combination of reviews and crowdsourcing. The company plans to move beyond expectant mothers in the future, to a more general physician searching case.


Nurep helps medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies better use mobile technology to interface with customers and sell their products. For instance, the company is developing "Medical FaceTime," so reps can engage doctors via live video on their iPads.


PadInMotion rents out iPads pre-loaded with books, movies, music and apps for cases where people need entertainment on a temporary basis. One of their big use cases is for bed-ridden hospital patients who find themselves with a lot of time on their hands, but the company also touts its service for traveling families and conference-goers.


TouchSurgery makes apps that surgeons can use to practice their skills. The apps don't just simulate the technical aspect of surgeries, but also the decisions that have to be made in a surgical situation, something the developers feel current solutions don't focus on enough.


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