Startup CampusMD offers mobile telehealth for college students

By Neil Versel
03:00 am

CampusMD doctorStartup company CampusMD claims to be the first mobile telehealth service for college students that offers 24/7 access to physicians and only physicians. The Bethesda, Md., company announced the nationwide launch of its subscription-based product this week.

CampusMD offers subscribers immediate access to U.S. physicians via phone, video and secure email for basic health information, consultation, diagnosis and prescriptions. "Participating students have around-the-clock access to doctors who can treat more than 500 common conditions as effectively as with an office visit, but at a fraction of the cost," CampusMD CEO Devin Schain says in a press release.

"Institutions can extend their health service's hours without incurring infrastructure or personnel costs. And parents gain peace of mind knowing their children will be cared for while they are away from home," Schain adds.

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CampusMD keeps patient records electronically and can, with patient permission, transfer records to campus clinics and personal physicians. The electronic health record lets doctors enter lab and prescription orders as well, the company says.

Membership costs $17.95 per month or $199.95 a year, and offers unlimited access to the service. It also includes a discount card for prescription drugs. CampusMD says it will be marketing bulk packages to colleges and universities to provide to entire student populations. CampusMD is not insurance coverage, so there are no exclusions, deductibles or copayments.

The company says it has partnerships with four unspecified institutions and is involved in "active discussions" with others. Larry Moneta, Duke University's vice president for student affairs, is a member of CampusMD's advisory board.

Telemedicine service provider HealthNation is underwriting the CampusMD product.


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