Soon-Shiong's NantHealth raises $31 million

By Brian Dolan
03:25 am

NantLife AppEarlier this month Nant Health, the healthcare company that is a part of Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong's tight-lipped NantWorks portfolio of companies, raised $31 million in two rounds of funding, according to SEC filings. Another NantWorks company, NantiD, which appears to be the next generation of the iVisit LookTel technology that Nant acquired a few years ago, raised an additional $15 million in funding. (Correction: An earlier version of this article stated NantiD raised $25 million instead of the correct amount: $15 million.)

Last October Verizon announced that it had invested an undisclosed sum into NantHealth to help it develop a secure fiber-optic, cloud-based data infrastructure to deliver multimedia healthcare information to mobile devices -- at the time the two companies were already collaborating on the Cancer Knowledge Action Network. Verizon Wireless also highlighted NantiD as one of its partners providing augmented reality technology for retail at CES 2013 earlier this month. Nant also offers a version of the technology to visually impaired or blind people.

NantHealth includes a number of Soon-Shiong's acquisitions over the years, like medication adherence offering Vitality GlowCaps and the home health technology provider Boston Life Labs. Based on a short series of NantCare promotional videos on YouTube, Boston Life Labs' suite of devices, which has since been rebranded NantLife Telehealth, still goes by their old device names, like the Hpod and Hcube. The NantCare videos focus on congestive heart failure (CHF) patients and point to a September 2012 launch in Europe. The NantLife Telehealth offering also includes an iOS and Android app.

In addition to the Verizon partnership, last year NantHealth forged a partnership with Blue Shield of California to develop and launch an integrated advanced technology system for at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, CA to establish a clinically-based "continuous learning center" (CLC) as part of a new accountable care organization (ACO). Of course, the ACO will leverage Nant's various technology offerings.

NantHealth did not respond to requests for comment on the funding news.

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