Remote monitoring startup Intuitive Health nabs $3.4M

By Jonah Comstock

intuitive healthCloud-based patient monitoring company Intuitive Health has raised $3.4 million, according to an SEC filing first spotted by the Dallas Business Journal. The company isn't yet willing to talk much more about the funding raise; CEO Eric Rock told MobiHealthNews in an email that they are still in stealth mode. This appears to be the company's first public funding raise.

Although the Plano, Texas-based company has kept quiet, they've emerged as a notable player in the remote patient monitoring space, partnering with AT&T and health system Texas Health Resources on a pilot last year. Intuitive Health is developing remote monitoring software that is cloud-based and device-agnostic, so that it can interface with devices ranging from touchscreen mobile devices to Internet-enabled televisions. The company currently has a free tablet app in the Google Play store, apparently for participants in their pilot. Screenshots suggest that the company leverages a Withings connected weight scale and a pulse oximeter, which may be from Nonin.

More recently, at the mHealth Summit in December 2012, AT&T announced a new remote patient monitoring Software as a Service offering that also included software from Intuitive Health. Intuitive's software "helps providers to implement and manage care plans and integrate the resulting data with clinician workflows," according to a press release from AT&T. The company said the model "evolved from" the pilot study, which reduced hospital readmissions by 27 percent for chronic heart failure patients, according to the Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily.

Rock told the Dallas Business Journal that Intuitive has "a significant agreement with the largest U.S. network operator," likely a reference to AT&T, which also features Rock prominently on the remote patient monitoring section of its website.