Slideshow: 8 pillboxes that connect to your phone

By Jonah Comstock

AdhereTech's smart pill bottle


A relatively new company out of the Blueprint Health startup accelerator, AdhereTech hopes to improve on GlowCap's formula in several ways. For one thing, while GlowCaps track the opening and closing of the pill bottle, AdhereTech's bottle actually senses the amount of medication inside the bottle, which helps in preventing accidental overdose. It also has its cellular connectivity built directly into the bottle rather than into a base station. (CEO Josh Stein said the company is soon to close a deal with a mobile operator.) Finally, AdhereTech will offer an API, which Stein suggested might lead to integration with portals like Aetna's CarePass or gamification platforms like Mango Health.

AdhereTech has no plans to market directly to consumers, Stein told MobiHealthNews, but is looking to partner with pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and hospitals to have their bottle automatically provided with certain medications. The focus, he said, would be on medications that are very expensive or where nonadherence has highly negative outcomes.