Slideshow: 8 pillboxes that connect to your phone

By Jonah Comstock

Abiogenix's uBox

abiogenix uBox

Abiogenix, a graduate of Healthbox, makes the uBox, the brainchild of two MIT graduates. A locking, spinning carousel, the uBox is also connected to a smartphone app that includes schedules, a calendar, and the ability to notify family members about missed doses. The device can lock as well, automatically unlocking at dosing time, allowing it to be used in settings where there's concern about patients abusing medication.

The uBox began as a device for improving healthcare in developing markets, helping to treat tuberculosis in India. Over the past few years, the company has been developing the product for the US market, launching at CES in January and running an Indigogo campaign, which raised about $7,000 of the company's $20,000 goal. Still, Abiogenix's Sara Cinnamon says the company is continuing to develop and planning to announce some big pilots soon.