Slideshow: 8 pillboxes that connect to your phone

By Jonah Comstock

MedMinder's Maya and John


MedMinder makes two cellular-connected seven-day pill-dispensers -- one that locks (John) and one that doesn't (Maya). Each dispenser has 28 compartments (allowing for patients wo take medication up to four times per day). The MedMinder dispensers need only to be plugged into a power source: all the connectivity is cellular. The system can send messages to caregivers by phone, email, or text message. Much like GlowCaps, the system reminds patients to take their pills with first a light, than a musical tone, and finally "a friendly phone call."

MedMinder, which charges a monthly fee, notifies a family member or caretaker when the patient misses a dose and can also send either the patient or their caregiver regular summary reports on adherence. Or they can log in to an online system to generate reports at any time.